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Two Brazilian cities are among the best in the world

Two Brazilian cities are among the best in the world

Among the various problems reported in society and the exaltation of the country’s natural wonders, Brazil is, in general, a great country to live in. But the competition is obviously very high on a global level and Brazilians may end up being a bit left behind.

Although some of the parameters seem rather relative, there are criteria and metrics that can determine the best cities in the world to live in.

In this context, the City index 2023 It is a list that ranks, by arrangement, the best cities in the world, based on various economic, social and political aspects.

Since many people want to live in highly rated places, it is important to know which city is closest to you and which city is on this list.

However, only two cities in Brazil appeared among the top 100 cities in the world. See what they are below.

Two cities in Brazil are among the best in the world

Photo: f11photo/Shutterstock

The Brand Finance City Index is the most comprehensive study that ranks cities around the world from an outside perspective. That is, the point of view of urban residents is not taken into account in the result.

The study considers 45 features that permeate the cities analyzed. Among them are criteria such as where to live, work (locally and remotely), retire, study, invest and visit.

In addition, the study includes pillars such as sustainability, transportation, culture and heritage, habitability, education and science, among others.

Unfortunately, Brazilian cities didn’t even make it to the top 10—in fact, they were far from it—but even so, just being ranked among the top 100 is a lot of a headline, because that’s an international point of view.

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Classification of Brazilian cities

The two Brazilian cities that are among the best in the world
Photo: IrenaV/Shutterstock

The two cities ranked, oddly enough from an insider’s perspective, were São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. They occupied positions 75 and 69, respectively. However, there is an explanation for this classification.

According to the Director of Brand Finance Brasil, Eduardo Chavez, the most important rating factors were education and public safety.

On the other hand, the crime rate in these cities is huge, which causes the value of the place to drop. Rio de Janeiro didn’t come close to doing so well, coming last in the education category.

Among the top 10 cities in the world, London stands out in the first place, followed by New York and Paris. Additionally, Los Angeles, Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, San Francisco, Dubai and Amsterdam come in exactly that order.