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Twitter is rolling out a feature that lets you edit posts in the US

Twitter is rolling out a feature that lets you edit posts in the US

A paid version is available to subscribers; The social network posted GIFs, videos and photos in a single tweet

Twitter announced this Thursday (6.Oct.2022) that it will gradually roll out its tweet editing tool to users of the paid version of the social network in the US. Version 1 of this feature is already in use in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Recently, users who pay $4.99 per month for Twitter Blue will be given 30 minutes to edit their posts, the network said.

“Edit Tweet is a feature that allows people to make changes to their tweet after it has been published. It’s a short time to fix typos, add missing tags, and more.Social networking explained.

And on the 5th (6.out), Twitter announced that it will allow videos, images and GIFs to be posted in a single post. Previously, you could only upload 1 media format at a time (up to 4 images, 1 single GIF or 1 single video).

To connect different media, click on the corresponding icons and select the selected content. For now, this feature is only available in the mobile version.

“You can add up to 4 different pieces of content per tweet, including photos, videos and/or GIFs. The feature is currently available for Twitter users on iOS and Android, and mixed media tweets can be viewed on all devices. He described the stage.

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