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Twitter confirms data leak from 5.4 million accounts |  technology

Twitter confirms data leak from 5.4 million accounts | technology

a Twitter Friday (5) confirmed that it corrected Which exposed the data of 5.4 million accounts. in the current situationThe company says the issue was resolved in January of this year, but the volume mined by the criminals is still up for sale online.

The error allowed anyone to identify the account holder by entering a phone number or email address in social networking systems. After that, the social network introduced the account to which this data was linked, exposing profiles and aliases.

The company claims that it updated the security code upon learning of the vulnerability.

A note published by the company says that they discovered the leak through the press. The company says that no passwords were disclosed.

“After reviewing a sample of data available for sale, we have confirmed that a bad actor took advantage of the issue before it was resolved. We will notify account owners directly that we can confirm that they have been affected by this issue.”

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