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Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006

Jack Dorsey No longer CEO of Twitter. None of the top social media executives have spoken frankly. He has always realized that his algorithm helps promote a more aggressive environment. will be replaced by Parag AgrawalD., 37, has been the company’s chief technology officer since 2017. It’s a choice that speaks volumes about the vision the former CEO left behind.

To understand this movement, there is a possible, if not complete, comparison. Jack Dorsey moves like Steve Jobs. When did Jobs leave? An apple, the cancer that he has now afflicted, he left his operations director as his successor. Tim Cook. Apple makes things and what makes it efficient is the ability to assemble parts manufactured in different corners of the world in a Chinese factory that then exports devices everywhere. Logistical efficiency is what makes machines great and ensures that all deadlines are met. Jobs realized that what keeps Apple afloat and so profitable is this logistics. He made the executive branch responsible for it.

By choosing a CTO for the job, Jack demonstrates how much he understands Twitter. It is a company that, in order to do well, depends on a well-oiled technical field. He is absolutely right.

Few social networks have remained as faithful to their core as Twitter. right Now , Instagram He gave a horse wooden in nature. What was once a photo-promoting network, now encourages posting of short videos, drawing attention to a wave tik tok. Twitter no. Its spirit remains the spirit of a network in which very short texts are published. Three sentences, four, no more: 280 episodes.

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But Twitter that Jack picked up in 2015 had serious structural problems. I fell all the time. Under his leadership, the system left servers designed in-house and migrated to the cloud Amazon. It’s a behind-the-scenes work that no one sees, but it changes everything. Once settled in the new home, it was easier to implement new things. The first was to bring back the platform for advertisers, which led to a jump in revenue.

Since then, and at an accelerating pace, various features have appeared. What works stays, and what doesn’t work, spins.

Choosing Parag Agrawal is quite logical. Twitter speed depends on the stability of the network, based on a strong infrastructure. This was the main work of Jack Dorsey.

What he promised and did not accomplish is equally great. Twitter’s algorithm helps boost virtual cancellation waves as it distributes more hate messages. It helps divide communities, highlight differences and bury agreements. She is among those responsible for breaking politics in democracies. Jack has promised to introduce an algorithm that will encourage dialogue. No. Let Agrawal do it.