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Twitch says being sexy is not forbidden and it creates a new category

Some time has passed since then Twitch It has confused its users about what is and is not allowed on the platform, especially when it comes to live broadcasts who may have content that has more sexual appeal to their audience. In a post on your The official blogThe company announced the creation of a new category for bathtubs, swimming pools and beaches.

The intent is that your broadcast can broadcast directly from these venues in a swimsuit and without being asked if this is within the rules or outside of them. According to Twitch, being a sexy or attractive person doesn’t hurt the platform’s rules, because they don’t only allow objective sexual content.

This means that it is perfectly acceptable to wear the bikini or swim shorts in an appropriate context (such as the beach, pool, or bathtub we mentioned earlier), but not from a rationalized or just present situation for some kind of appeal or sexual suggestion.

Twitch categories aren’t usually specificSource: Twitch / run

The decision came shortly after a broadcast channel, known as Amouranth, on the platform, suddenly distorted its channel and without much communication on Twitch’s part. The girl, who airs in the bikini bathtub, only learned that some advertisers had complained about their content, prompting the company to remove ads from her channel.

In response, the company stated that it had removed ads from various channels that did not satisfy its advertisers, but that it truly failed to communicate with broadcasters regarding this decision. Twitch’s plan going forward is to be more transparent about what is considered relevant content to get active ads, but they admit it may take some time.

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It is clear that the creation of a new class of bathtubs and beaches cannot be said to be part of this plan, as this appears to be a move simply intended to separate the people who do this type of transportation from those who do. Followers of the “only in conversation” category, where pigeon broadcasters were previously located.