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Twins Yvette and Daniel Cady dress up as caipirinhas and be magical

Twins Yvette and Daniel Cady dress up as caipirinhas and be magical

Twins Yvette Sangalo and Danielle Cady appear as Caipirinhas and Sihran

Twin Girls for Nutritionist Daniel Cady and the singer Yvette Sangalo Show that when it comes to parties, animation runs in the family! The two girls, Marina and Helena, are four years old. Even though they were still young, they actually made sure to record that they were preparing to enjoy Sao Joao, a date that is celebrated on June 24.

All members of the Sangalo Cady clan share a passion for celebrating the traditional June festival. dad himself Daniel Cady He talked a lot about the date on his profile on one of the social networks. Ho, who works as a nutritionist, argues that it is possible to enjoy all the classic delicacies of São João such as: pamona, corn cake, homini, quintau, among others. He’s categorical in saying that caring about healthy eating is about avoiding excesses.

While dad thinks about the party menu, the twins are ready to dance in the square. Helena and Marina dress in character. With hair tied up in pigtails, patterned dresses with lots of ruffles and applications and even the typical sardines in caipirinha makeup. “Saint John is one of those bugs!!!! Ducklings,” Vivita wrote in the caption of the photo.

Recorded by the girls themselves! best style Photographtwins Daniel Cady June model immortalized. The beautiful photo has gained a prominent place in the official profile of the famous mother’s social network. The couple maintains the image of their children, especially the twins. Once, 12-year-old firstborn Marcelo was part of the Ivete Sangalo troupe and is an on-stage figure and electrician at his mother’s side. But Marina and Helena’s flick made the singer an exception to share this allure with netizens.

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Of course, followers sent a lot of messages praising the girls. “Lovely caipirinha!!” , announced a fan. Actress Carolina Dickman reinforced the opinion of the comments: “What a beautiful thing.”

Instagram clone Twins Daniel Cady and Yvette Sangalo prepare for Sao Joao

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