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Twelve votes in the UK Consulate as of 12:00 noon today

Twelve votes in the UK Consulate as of 12:00 noon today

In all, only 27 voters said they would like to vote in person in the UK until December 5, 23 at the Consulate General in London and four at the Embassy in Manchester.

This is what happened to Marina, who lives in the British capital, and considers it “easy and safe” for the complaints of some with the uncertainty of postal votes that many immigrants have complained they did not receive.

“It was a little annoying because they brought me here to present identity documents, but after that I had no reason to complain,” he told AgĂȘncia Lusa this morning.

He said it was not difficult to repeat the vote in the voting circle as he lives nearby and some Portuguese friends were frustrated that they did not get votes by post, adding that there were conflicts even between two persons of the same couple. .

It was because he did not get the vote that Jonah Fresca went to the consulate in the hope that he could vote, but at the door, the security guard confirmed that his name was not on the short list.

“I’ve been here for about 10 years and I never got a postal vote,” he complained, acknowledging that for some years he had kept an address in Portugal related to his citizenship card.