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Trump will launch his own social network, TRUTH Social, in February

Trump will launch his own social network, TRUTH Social, in February

In the past year, Donald Trump has been punished on Twitter as well as on Facebook (Credit: Disclosure)

The new exclusive social network app for the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, called TRUTH Social, is expected to be launched on February 21. The date draws attention because it is the same as that of President’s Day in the United States.

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The Apple Store, an app store available for iOS users, recently added Donald Trump’s social network to its list of apps. The social network should have a system similar to that of Twitter, where messages can be written and instant photos and videos can be posted. The equivalent of a ‘tweet’ would be called a ‘truth’. Check out, in the image below, the potential design of Trump’s social network:

Last year, Donald Trump was sanctioned on Twitter as well as on Facebook for somehow supporting the attack on the US Capitol, on January 6, 2021. The former US president had no evidence of the accusations being brought, but claimed at the time there was widespread fraud in 2020 presidential election

In the App Store, the TRUTH app, in its description, claims to be a space for different opinions and ideologies. The app description reads: “It’s a new way of describing ’embedding’ in America.”

“Stay up to date with the latest news while staying in direct contact with the people who affect you – don’t be shocked if they turn your ‘reality’ into a virus!” Other social networks. The name of the social network can be perceived by many as a sting. The word “truth”, in the free translation into Portuguese, means “truth”.

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As mentioned earlier, the social network will have a very similar look and functionality to Twitter. The user will be able to share, reply to and favorite messages, just like Twitter.

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