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Trump gets booed at a rally in defense of vaccination against Covid. Watch the video | Globalism

Trump even interrupted his speech and defended the freedom of those who did not want to be vaccinated after the shouts (see video above).

Alabama has a large number of infected, and no more intensive care beds are available More than 67% of the population is not yet fully vaccinated (compared to less than 40% of the US population).

The Save America rally kicked off at Coleman on Saturday (21). Two days after the city declared a state of emergency due to Covid-19.

Trump changes his stance and recommends his supporters a Covid-19 vaccine

“I totally believe in your freedom,” Trump said (and was booed), “but I recommend it: Get the shots! I did it and it’s good.”

The former US President even raised his hand “No” sign to everyone who was booing him, but then said, “Okay, you have your liberties. But I got the vaccine.”

Then, Trump caused a part of the audience to laugh when he said, “If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first to know.”

Trump addresses his supporters at a rally in Alabama on Saturday (21). The former US president has been booed for his call for a Covid-19 vaccination. – Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP

Unlike current US President Joe Biden, Trump hasn’t announced he’s vaccinated for Covid-19.

The former US president and former first lady Melania received their first dose while they were still at the White House in January, But the information was only revealed in March by an advisor.

Trump and Melania both contracted Covid-19 in October last year. The former first lady had mild symptoms and was treated at home, but The former president has been hospitalized.

After leaving the hospital Trump has said he is immune to the disease – which is not true, because it is possible to contract and have Covid-19 more than once..

actually Biden took his first dose in December NS The second dose is in January, Before taking office, vaccination was in public, to encourage vaccination in the United States (see video below).

US President-elect Joe Biden gets a Covid-19 vaccine

US President-elect Joe Biden gets a Covid-19 vaccine

The third most populous country in the world, with a population of 331 million, The United States has the highest number of infected and dead (37.7 million and 628,000, respectively) and third in applied vaccines (362 million). , according to Our World in Data, a project associated with the University of Oxford.

More than 60% of the US population has received at least one dose of vaccines against Covid-19 and 51% have been fully immunized so far, but immunization has had a strong slowdown as a portion of the US population is resistant to vaccination.

The number of doses given per day has fallen from an average of more than 3.3 million in April to less than 900,000 today, and the US now administers fewer vaccines per day than China (12 million), India (4.8 million), Brazil (1.7 million) and Japan (1.2 million ) and even Indonesia (1.05 million).

Thus, the United States is now behind dozens of countries in the proportion of the immunized population, such as Uruguay (71%), Chile (69%), Portugal (67%), Canada (65%), Israel (62%), Mongolia (62%) , Bhutan (61%), the United Kingdom (61%), Hungary (56%), France (54%) and even China (53%).

The vaccination rate in the United States varies between states

The vaccination rate in the United States varies between states

While the US has lagged behind in vaccinations, it has seen the number of cases and deaths rise again.

The number of confirmed cases per day has fallen from an average of more than 250,000 in January to less than 12,000 in June, but has risen again and is now close to 150,000.

The number of deaths from Covid-19, which fell from an average of about 3,500 per day in January to less than 250 in July, has more than quadrupled in a month and a half and is already above 1,000.

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