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Trick to clean your rubber cell phone case and make it new

the cell – dungeon With us all the time. Whether for business or pleasure, we carry the device everywhere. Not without reason, protective covers can get dirty at a significant rate. So, check out the tips below to clean the rubber cap without spoiling it.

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Cases help prevent further damage to cell phones in the event of a fall, for example. But if they get dirty or dirty, the appearance becomes a big problem. So, save these tips well with the simple products that you definitely have at home and at very little cost.

Clean the cell phone case

Our advice today for cleaning your cell phone case is to use a simple product, which many people have. It’s baking soda.

To clean, use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and a little water. Add water little by little until the mixture becomes a paste.

Once the putty is ready, apply it to the entire wrapper and store for about two hours. Another tip is to use a toothbrush to better spread the water-bicarbonate mixture all over the cap.

After waiting 2 hours, wash the can and see the difference. But, even after your cell phone case remains dirty or soiled, another tip is to mix the detergent and vinegar with the water and bicarbonate mixture.

Once you’re done, brush often until all of the stains are gone. To prevent more stains from appearing on your cell phone, do this mixture frequently, a few times a week, until you get a good cleaning. This way, you will always have a clean, fresh-looking cover.

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