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Trash boy from Genesis, Naor does not accept rejection and tries to violate Adalia TV News

Trash boy from Genesis, Naor does not accept rejection and tries to violate Adalia TV News

Naor (Jorge Pontwal) will reinforce trash-boy behavior in his upcoming scenes in origin. Abraão’s brother (Zécarlos Machado) will not be satisfied with his rejection from Adália (Carla Marins) and will attempt to take possession of it on his wedding day with Massá (Marcos Winter). The son of Esther Joyce will use his magic to try to persuade his ex-girlfriend to change her mind and leave with him in Haran.

The brave will try to take advantage of Guilherme Boury’s mother This Friday Semester (21). He will invade the character’s tent and insist that the Veteran give up the association with the former mercenary.

“ It would really stop having it all Have we always wanted together? All these years, even when I was married, I always remembered the people, what we live … never happened to any other woman … ”, son of Terra (Julio Braga) will say. Adália will interrupt the speech of the former and ask him to leave.

“Won’t you tell me that you don’t think about those nights when we sleep in the moonlight?” Hilda’s friend (Isabella Bicallho) will get angry at the man and raise her accent: “Better to stop the conversation here!”

The character played by Jorge Pontual will open his heart and justify that he still loves Adália and, therefore, cannot overcome his rejection. Sarah’s sister (Adriana Garambon) replied, “But I don’t love you, Naor. Take advantage of your freedom and leave me alone.”

No embarrassment

Naor will approach Adalia and try to catch her. “Let me kiss you, who knows, you may not remember our love,” will reinforce conviction. The veteran would be surprised by the boldness of a Haran resident and pushed him up. “Just a kiss… I promise it will be one last time,” the man would say.

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The character that Carla Marines plays will smile yellow and mock her ex-boyfriend’s confidence: “You haven’t really changed. Goodbye Naor!” She will say at the end of the conversation.

Then Gail will appear in the mother’s tent, ready to take her to the wedding. Are you okay mom? We can go now? “Boy, will ask, anxious.” Of course, my son. Goodbye Naor … I doubt we’ll see each other Once again, ”Adália will finish, ending the last comment.

origin It is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The booklet is divided into seven stages, and the record currently shows the fifth stage – Abraham’s Journey. In addition to spoilers, the the news Be published Summary of the Biblical Novel.

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