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Translator of Melocoton, Chiquinho Caught in Tears Posted by Eliana on SBT · TV News

Translator of Melocoton, Chiquinho Caught in Tears Posted by Eliana on SBT · TV News

The translator of one of the most popular personalities of Brazilian television, Edilson Oliveira, known as Chiquinho, said goodbye to Ileana Mikaylishin on the presenter’s last day at SBT. He controlled Melokoton, a character who had been immortalized since 1994’s Bom dia & Cia. The doll’s success was so great that Chiquinho continued on the program even after Eliana left in 1997.

On Silvio Santos’ program this Sunday (23), Patricia Abravanel called the former employee of the station to pay her tribute. The actor and comedian was one of the guests who welcomed Ileana to the audience. The caller was surprised to see that it was Chikinio who was controlling the puppet.

“Let me see something,” she shouted. “Is that you?” “Wait a minute and I will kiss you. It’s him. Now I’m more emotional,” Ileana said after greeting the actor.

“We have a group of people here with me, people and friends that go beyond the professional side. And Edilson, who did melocoton here with great success and then Cecchino on the record… Are you crying, my friend? Stop!” I laughed.

The comedian got emotional when he talked about the importance of Ileana in his artistic career, which took off after creating Melocoton on Bom Dia & Cia Ho on Brazilian,” he cried.

“It is impossible not to say that you are not an integral part of my professional life, and here you are sharing our stage and our studio, bringing joy to thousands of Brazilians. You made me cry. I cry because I love you,” declared Edilson Oliveira. .

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Ileana’s last program was broadcast on Sunday (23) on SBT. The broadcaster looked back on the best of the attraction during the 15 years she worked at the station. On Silvio Santos’ show, she read a letter to the presenter and received an apology from Patricia Abravanel.