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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge blocked due to mechanical failure

Tower Bridge constructed after mechanical failure
Photo: CNN

Technical malfunction left Tower Bridge, the world-famous bridge in London, which was held in public on Monday (9) afternoon, when cars and pedestrians were unable to cross.

The City of London Police confirmed in a tweet on Twitter that the bridge was stuck due to a “technical malfunction”, while several photos and videos posted on social media show bridges stuck in an upright position after being opened to allow a dhow to pass.

Bases are the moving parts of the bridge that can be raised and lowered using counterweights. According to the Tower Bridge tourism website, the bridge is opened about 800 times a year.

The technical failure caused long lines of traffic throughout the city, with pedestrians having to find other ways to cross the river. The City of London Police urged people to avoid the area.

Built on the River Thames, this 240-meter landmark was completed in 1894. Oil-and-electric steam-powered hydraulic bases have once been in operation since 1976.

The bridge also crashed in August 2020, with the bridge’s official Twitter account blaming a “mechanical failure”.

Tower Bridge is a popular tourist attraction and visitors can stroll along the walkways that connect the two towers. The arcade was originally public, but closed in 1910. It reopened in the 1980s as an exhibition space.

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