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Tourists trapped in a 60-meter-deep Grand Canyon cave after elevator failure | News

If there’s one thing Hollywood screenwriters fascinate with this borderline of the inexplicable, it’s stories of people trapped – for whatever reason – in caves, slides, tunnels, and whatever other kind of accidental arrest takes place. For five people trapped in a cave in the Grand Canyon for more than a day can prepare their contracts (after the expected rescue, of course).

Tourists are stuck in a cave 60 meters underground in the US state of Arizona, officials said Monday, after an elevator failed at a tourist attraction. John Paxton, a spokesman for the Coconino Sheriff’s Office, told the press that people were trapped inside one of the country’s largest dry caves – which includes a hotel suite and restaurant – late Sunday afternoon. NBC News.

The cave where five tourists were trapped in the Grand Canyon – Photo: Reproduction

People with medical conditions that prevented them from climbing the 20 stairs up above ground in Beach Springs were unable to use the alternate method of returning to the surface, which is similar to escaping an old fire, which also hinders service. Rescue groups, as bringing victims on a stretcher may not be possible.

The elevator maintenance team is working on fixing it with an external generator, but the maneuver is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, the mayor’s department is considering using a device to lift tourists from caves via an elevator shaft, a plan B in case the machine can’t be fixed.

The cave where five tourists were trapped in the Grand Canyon – Photo: Reproduction

Meanwhile, the five tourists “enjoy” staying in an underground suite that sleeps six and costs US$1,000 per night for two guests. The suite is equipped with two queen-size beds, a fold-out futon, a portable toilet, like those found in travel trailers, and a kitchenette with microwave and mini-fridge. Well, with these “luxuries”, screenwriters might not see much fun making a movie.

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