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"Totally Disabled" - Metro World News Brasil

“Totally Disabled” – Metro World News Brasil

Jessica Alves, better known as Kane the ex-human, used Instagram Stories to vent about an assault she suffered at a nightclub in São Paulo.

According to the celebrity, over the weekend, she was a victim of transphobia. “I feel totally distinguished by Tito [nome da boate] Here in Sao Paulo. It’s a totally transphobic house, with unprofessional people.”

At another point, Jessica criticized the place’s attitude towards transgender people and said, “I was humiliated at the entrance to the house. I will not come back here, nor would I recommend this house to anyone. I don’t think they should work with this policy.”

In her blast, the digital influencer compared the situation in São Paulo to her experience outside of Brazil. “That is why Brazil does not move forward. Then a house like this is closed and everyone is out of work due to the incompetence of well-trained people. I do not recommend it,” shot Jessica, who lives in the UK.

Finally, the celebrity said that if she had a nightclub, then Tito’s professional would not be hired. “The hostess here is not professional, I wouldn’t hire someone like her to work in any nightclub. Don’t come here, especially if you are a transgender woman.”

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