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Total Access Botafogo: Episode 6 Council Dispute, Locker Room Debate and Raphael's Arrival |  shoot

Total Access Botafogo: Episode 6 Council Dispute, Locker Room Debate and Raphael’s Arrival | shoot

Episode 6 of Total Access is now available on Globoplay, for Globoplay + Canals subscribers, and airs on sportv this Tuesday, 9:15 PM (GMT). The new chapter features hot weather between director of football Eduardo Vreeland and CEO Jorge Braga, a heated discussion between Diego Loreiro and Kano in the dressing room and the arrival of right-back Rafael.

The episode begins with pressure between Vreeland and Braga about negotiating the renewal of Navarro. Director of Football tells coach Anderson Moreira about an offer he received for the player at the end of June and is trying to block him so as not to jeopardize the battle for access.

In a phone conversation with President Dorsicio Melo and CEO, Freeland admitted he had been speaking to the central striker since March, but without success and absolves the club of blame for not renewing. Braga, in a higher tone, says he is not looking for the culprits at the moment and suggests calling the cast’s leaders, Carly and Kano, to talk about the situation.

Braga: We have responded to the man’s suggestion. We take an important step, the man takes a step back. We try, but there is a limit. As far as Botafogo understands, legally, we accepted their proposal.

free land I’ve been trying since March, guy never wanted to renew. do what? He must sign. I can’t hold his hand and knock him down.

This isn’t the only episode 6 discussion. The other one almost ended in aggression. Moreover, at the end of the match against Náutico, in Nelton Santos, Diego Loreiro and Cano star in a sweltering weather scene in the locker room. The goalkeeper accuses the defender, who says he plays to the limit and is ahead of his teammate, but is held back by his teammates and committee members. At the end of the match, which Botafogo won 3-1, the two spoke again and understood each other.

Kano: I’m telling you, C……, I’m on this page…. I’m breathing, C…… I’m shivering and I didn’t want to leave p. … of the game.
Diego Loreiro: So leave field c……
Kano: He will take it in c. , s ….
Diego Loreiro: will take in c. is c……we were losing p…of the game. go and…
Kano: F…
Diego Loreiro: It’s all c game…… will take in c.

Total Access Botafogo: Episode 6 Shows Behind the Scenes of Raphael’s Recruitment – Photo: Reproduction

The chapter also follows negotiations over Rafael’s appointment, a solid boost announced in September. Eduardo Vreeland had to meet with the team to explain the arrival of the right-back at a time when Botafogo owed the players.

Possible appointment of Rafael, I think it is important to determine your position, because the club owes its image and owes it to anyone who earns more than 60 minimum wages, and cannot afford to hire a high-ranking player, a player who has been in Europe. This money that Raphael brings is only there, you must have read articles, because this contract is made. The money cannot be returned to anything else, because if it can be returned, the difference in the picture and wages will be paid, and this is what needs to be done – Vreeland explained to the group.

The chapter follows the victories over Remo, Nautico and Sampaio Correia, who witnessed the audience’s return to Nelton Santos and the debut of Rafael wearing the Botafogo No. 7 jersey. Thanks to good teaching methods and motivational speeches, Anderson gained more confidence from the cast, as in the defeat to CSA, where Goalkeeper Diego Loreiro failed badly. The coach supports the player.

Those who are able to adapt will always look for great things. Those who don’t have it won’t play pro. What happened to Diego happened to everyone. It happens up front when we don’t score, it happens in the side when we don’t cross. It’s an ungrateful attitude, it saved us to……, I don’t want anyone to say “a”. We trust you, don’t worry, don’t worry about what we know about your competence. Good mind, you are a good boy, you helped us c…, you will continue to help us.

Full access to Botafogo: Diego Loreiro looks deserted in Episode 6 after the fiasco – Image: clone

In the other defeat of the ring, 2–1 to Avai at home, Anderson argues with the fans. After the situation, the coach spoke to Eduardo Freeland and said that his behavior ended up attracting the public’s attention and helping to protect the athletes.

– I don’t think it’s unfair anymore, I don’t think it’s bad now. Now you can call me names, no problem, it’s part of it. Didn’t you pay for the ticket? damns. They will call me names, I guess they will hardly call me any athlete.

a The second season of full access Behind the scenes shows the victorious campaign of the Botafogo team, which managed to reach the Brazilian Primera Division for the Brazilian championship this season. The series is divided into eight parts, each lasting about 30 minutes. Episode seven will air next Friday.

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