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Top executives earn more than a worker can earn in a lifetime in 2020 - Executive Digest

Top executives earn more than a worker can earn in a lifetime in 2020 – Executive Digest

The annual salary of FTSE 100 CEOs has declined during epidemics, but it is equivalent to a worker’s lifetime earnings, according to a report highlighting UK institutional wage inequality and the support of UK taxpayers for some companies. The Guardian ‘had access.

According to the Think Tank High Wage Center, leaders of companies in the blue-chip stock index received an average of 30 2.30 million last year, with Pascal Soriat, CEO of vaccine maker Astrogeneka, topping the rankings due to a 13.22 deal. Million euros.

The average value of wages is down 17% compared to 2.78 million in 2019, but this is 86 times higher than the 26,530 euros an average British worker would expect to earn in a year.

The GMB union represents the gap between executive pay and regular salaries, raising concerns about gaining state support by some of these companies.

The heads of the nine companies earned an average of 1. 1.88 million in their employee leave scheme, which includes Lotbrooks owner, Entine, British Airways, IAG and Rolls-Royce.

“The highest pay of CEOs reflects a greater gap between rich and poor in the UK than in most other European countries,” said Luke Hildyard, director of the High Pay Center.

“The imbalances exposed by the epidemic and the public money used to protect big business could strengthen the case for measures to control higher wages and balance serious income gaps,” he continued.

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