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Top 10 Shows Like America’s Got Talent, According to Ranker

America has talent At the age of seventeenº Season, featuring another host of exciting animators, including everyone from an opera singer impersonating a charming up close. But once it’s over, fans of the show may be looking for something else to watch to fill the void between seasons or even episodes. Fortunately, there are many other shows like this, as well as others that may attract the same audience.

From singing competition shows to reality shows, as well as old classics and even shows coming from other countries, Rank users vote For those who attract the most AGT Viewers.

Note: Ranking lists are active and continue to collect votes, so some rankings may have changed since this post.

10 Big Brother (2000-present)

strange entry in the list, Big brother It does not share many similarities with America has talent In terms of the topic of presentation. Big brother It is a realistic competition series where players become guests, living in a house with others, isolated from the world. There, they compete in physical and mental challenges while strategically planning, forming alliances, and trying to reach the end without being overwhelmed by others.

However, Ranker voters may find that the two shows attract the same kind of fans who enjoy reality and compete with a cash prize at the end due to the elements of fun, drama, entertainment and plenty of mixed characters, qualities that any TV would love. can enjoy. less surprising, Big brother It was also chosen as one of the best must-watch shows for those who love it survivorAccording to Ranker.

9 Lip Sync Battle (2015-2019)

While Lip sync battle It’s never officially been canceled, a new season hasn’t aired yet since Season 5 in 2019. However, the show does bring laughs, which is probably why. Classified Voters put him in the same category as the laughing stock often AGT. The contestants are celebrities who challenge each other to dubbing duels. Each performs two songs, and the second is usually an elaborate performance complete with costumes, makeup, and choreography. All these items, Classified that voters are likely to notice, can be found in a wide variety of AGT It also works.

Fans love the show’s entertainment value, even though it’s very different from it AGTIt offers great dance performances, high performance value and also a bit of silliness.

8 Big Brother (UK) (2000-2018)

With plans to revive it in 2023, Big Brother (UK) It is the original version of the popular and long-running reality quiz series. It features the same assumption as the US version also on this list, which is probably why Classified Voters felt that both versions of the program were justified inclusion.

It would make sense, with the US version of the show on the list of those who think Ranker . voters AGT Fans would like the UK version to appear, too. Like the American version, Big Brother UK It features an eclectic mix of players from all walks of life, each with their own unique personalities.

7 Australia’s Got Talent (2007–present)

America has talent Developed from the original, Britain’s talentsSince then, several other international versions of the show have been released. One of these versions is Australia’s talentWhich offers the same process and modular look. Classified Sounds likely noticed the intersections as well, like when Australia’s talent Winner Jack Vidgen appeared in the TV special America’s Got Talent: Heroes.

The show featured a long list of famous judges such as Danny Minogue, Geri Halliwell, Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Alisha Dixon. in 10º The season was scheduled to air in 2020, but COVID restrictions have delayed it, and the season is scheduled to air in 2022, with Ricky Lee Coulter returning as host.

6 The X Factor (UK) (2044-2018)

It’s no secret that while America has talent Designed to attract talents of all kinds, from singers to dancers, stuntmen, magicians and more, singers tend to dominate the competition. Many of the show’s winners were singers.

Given this, it makes sense for fans to believe in those they love AGT He would also like to show a singing competition like The tenth factor. The UK version of the show has produced star groups such as One-waywhich Simon Cowell collected on the show, and many other famous singers and groups that did not win The tenth factor. It’s another show that will be revived in 2023. Chances are, Classified Voters chose this show out of love for Cowell, who often drew shows on it thanks to his candid and honest comments.

5 America’s Best Dance Team (2008-2015)

Aired in the mid-2000s, The best dance team in America – One of the best TV shows that ended 10 years ago – Produced by Randy Jackson, former judge of American IdolIt was hosted by Mario Lopez, with a panel of judges including JC Chase, Dominic “De Trex Sandoval” and Lil’ Mama, and before that, Shane Sparks and Omarion.

Canceled after seven seasons and then revived in the eighth special, contestants remember some of the many dance teams that appeared on the show. AGT Over the seasons, that’s what tears Classified Voters to the fact that this should amuse the AGT fans. In fact, the show showed works that were there as well AGTIncluding the first season winner JabbaWockeeZ, who competed in the second season of AGT But she did not reach the final.

4 The Voice (2011–present)

As noted, it is logical that Classified Voters think AGT Fans will love singing competition shows due to the huge number of singers that appear on the show and even reach the finals. And the the sound On the same line as The tenth factor, with its development. The idea is for celebrity judges to turn their backs on the singers to remove any prejudice based on outward appearance.

the sound Focuses a lot on mentoring competitors and referees invest in talent, as referees do AGT They are invested in competitors and their emotional stories. This may also play a role in the cause Classified Voters think AGT Fans will be all for this concept.

3 Agreement or not agreement (2005-2019)

To trade or not to trade It aired continuously from 2005 to 2009, then returned in 2018 for a special and ran until 2019. The obvious link is that the game show was hosted by Howie Mandel, a longtime judge in AGT. Naturally, Classified The fans who chose this show to be part of the list do so because they are fans of Mandel himself.

Fans will get the same fun, humorous, and eccentric character as Mandel on this show, as they do in To trade or not to trade. The game demo shows players choosing numbered folders to add or remove money from a pot, then dealing with a mysterious banker to accept or decline an offer in hopes of increasing the amount. There are many interesting facts to know about To trade or not to trade.

two Searching for the Stars (1983-1995, 2003-2004)

compares a lot AGT for Searching for the starsContest series that came decades ago and was definitely an inspiration, and it’s no surprise that the premiere Classified Voters (of a certain age) think when they think about comparison programmes. Such as AGTAnd the Searching for the stars Focus on talented contestants in a range of categories, including singers, singing groups, young dancers, teen dancers, spokespersons, and comedians.

The show was hosted by Ed McMahon and followed by Martha Quinn as co-host for the first year, and then by Arsenio Hall for revivals. Many celebrities started Searching for the starsIncluding Britney Spears, Usher and Rosie O’Donnell.

1 British Got Talent (2007-present)

The original series of talent Franchise created by Simon Cowell, Britain’s talents Not surprisingly, the program is the most recommended by voters in Classified To watch those who love AGT. Cowell also appeared as a judge on the show.

Streaming confirmed at least until 2025, Britain’s talents It shows no signs of slowing down. Many of the show’s auditions, contestants, and winners have become known in North America due to the viral videos, but watching the show itself is a great way to see more of the exciting talent (and sometimes the hilarious lack of it).

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