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Top 10 New iPhone Lock Screen Tools

Top 10 New iPhone Lock Screen Tools

New iOS 16 Bringing a new look and features to Apple phones, including the option to add widgets to the lock screen. In this way, you can view some information about apps Even without opening a file Iphone.

Gadgets make it easy to access programs and/or information on the phone through shortcuts.

In Apple’s case, the new operating system allows access to data such as weather forecasts, battery percentage, and reminders, among other iPhone software. It is likely that more applications from outside the company will become compatible with the tools in the future.

How to add

To add a widget to the lock screen, you only need:

  • iPhone unlock
  • Press and hold for a few seconds on the lock screen
  • Click on “Custom”
  • Click “Add widgets” under the clock
  • Choose what you want

Here are 10 of the best widgets to help you choose what you want to put on your iPhone:


The battery tool has two versions: square and rectangular. The first shows only the battery level prison cell In icon format, the second is the percentage and battery level in tape format. If you connect the AirPods, the battery life will also be indicated.


The Weather tool provides eight options for you to quickly access information such as lunar events, solar events, weather conditions, temperature, precipitation level, air quality, UV index, and wind speed.

Only the “Conditions” and “Moon” options are available in a rectangular format. All others are displayed in a smaller box. You can add up to four icons to the iPhone lock screen.

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With the fitness tool, you can check the activity pie chart in square form and your stats (movement, exercise, standing) in rectangular format.

Count the app

a countdown It is an application that can be downloaded and integrated into the cell phone to count down the events that await you. It offers two types of lock screen formats: square and rectangle, but with two different models.

In one you have the count in days and in the other you have the progress bar and percentage.

Flighty app

a reckless It is a flight monitoring application that allows you to check information about the destination, airline and even the plane that will be making the flight, in addition to activating various alerts.

Two display shapes are available (rectangle and square). They display the flight countdown, the current time at the location, the boarding gate, and an updated progress bar during the flight.

WaterMinder app

a WaterMinder It is a reminder program to drink more water. It has five different versions of the widgets – only two are free.

With them, you can view the current water levels – in percentage and/or in progress, see weekly charts and access the app directly from the lock screen.

sleep app demo

a experimental sleep It is an app that promises to analyze the time, duration, and quality of your sleep onset. With the data, he recommends a specific daily challenge to improve your sleep hygiene.

Four versions of the UI elements are available in square and rectangular format. It also displays the stages of sleep the previous night.

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app i

a a program I Displays positive statements about the person. It aims to boost self-esteem and change negative thinking patterns. Daily messages and reminders can also be seen on the lock screen.

App launcher

who – which Application It allows you to create various shortcuts such as calling contacts (by phone or FaceTime), sending messages and playing music, as well as opening other applications and websites directly from the lock screen.

It has square and rectangular UI elements.

LockWidget App

LockWidget It allows you to view weather, launcher lock, contacts launcher, quotes, health, photos, clock, time, calendar, moon phase, countdown, year process and more. It is very complete.

With it you can also create widgets for various social networks, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Netflix and many more. There are two types of tools available: square and rectangle.