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Tom Holland tells a funny story about how he met Willem Dafoe

Tom Holland tells a funny story about how he met Willem Dafoe

Spider-Man: No Home It will show the return of several characters from Teosu’s past to the big screen, and one of the most emotionally stimulating characters for fans is the return of Willem Dafoe Like the green puck, which was one of the highlights of the trilogy Sam Raimi.

The actor’s presence in the new movie was a secret, with only a little flair during the first trailer, but the second preview perfectly showed off the villain’s appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Taking advantage of the occasion, the star Tom Holland Tell me what it was like with Willem Dafoe on the production set.

Speaking at the fan event in Los Angeles where the trailer was first shown, Holland Remembered (via CBR):

The first time I met Willem was a rather funny story. Obviously, at the time, the presence of bad guys in the movie was a big secret, so they walked around the set in capes. The actors were so excited to bring these characters back to life, that they showed up on set a week before filming began, just to get a feel for the mood and get to know each other. [o diretor] John Watts, meet me, take a walk and have fun.

I ended up bumping into one of those cover characters and said, “Be careful out there, man.” When he took off the hood, I was amazed. “Puts, Green Elf here!” He was such a loving person, really nice and nice to work with.

Unlike Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx, Willem Dafoe hid his participation in No Home as much as possible.

Willem Dafoe himself participated in the game of keeping secrets Marvel Studios, and led as much as possible to prevent the surprise that will be in the film. Just before the premiere of the first trailer, The actor took the opportunity to laugh a little, and gave a very vague answer about his presence in the movie, saying: “There is a lot going on now. You know, I’ve always thought the time to discuss the movie was the time to bring it up.

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With the return of Willem Dafoe (Green Elf), Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus) and Jamie Foxx (electrical) , Spider-Man: No Home It promises a real crisis in the multiverse, and hits theaters in December 16.

Enjoy and check out everything you want to notice in the second trailer for the movie: