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Roberto Carlos

Today is Day: King Roberto Carlos is 80 years old

Roberto Carlos
Photo: Reproduction

The week between April 18 and 24 is the birthday of a King and Queen. While the 21st of April is dedicated to the celebration of the 95th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Latin America is celebrating, on the nineteenth, the 80th anniversary of the “king” of Brazilian music: Roberto Carlos. The title awarded to the singer may not be a real title, but his musical reign is recorded in MPB history.

Roberto Carlos: There are a lot of feelings

Roberto Carlos sang National Radio Before you even burn your first disc. Juvim Guarda’s success, Sharaf says this week he has benefited a lot from it National To spread their songs.

In the announcer’s testimonyRoberto Carlos says he was a frequent visitor to Hall’s programs broadcast at the time, especially those led by Paulo Gracendo.

“Rádio Nacional is very important, very beautiful in my career,” the octogenarian singer revealed on radio waves.

To hear the testimony in full, watch the video below:

“And I was coming from Niterói to go to Rádio Nacional / Using that very old and worn leather jacket / I would sing my hope for a new student program …”

Minha Tia (Roberto Carlos) Lyrics

When was the role of the National Radio At the age of eighty, experts and King Roberto Carlos himself remember the times when Jovim Guarda lived in the arcades National. Review what he said in the excerpt below from the program Report tracks:

Source: Agência Brasil