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To not be punished by law to ensure dental care by SUS |  Policy

To not be punished by law to ensure dental care by SUS | Policy

  • Through this measure, the government hopes to increase the number of people served by the public system by 10 million

  • According to the Ministry of Health, the program will reach 85 new municipalities this year

  • In addition to Brasil Sorridente, Lula has already relaunched Bolsa Família, Mais Médicos, Minha Casa and Minha Vida since the start of his third term.

Lula speaks during a meeting in May 2023 – Photo: Ricardo Stockert/BR

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) on Monday (8) approved the law that includes the Brasil Sorridente Program in the Basic Health Code. The measure provides for the right of the population to receive dental care by the Unified Health System (SUS).

Created in 2004, during Lula’s first term as President, the National Oral Health Policy, called Brasil Sorridente, is a program aimed at ensuring that the population has access to oral health.

The government has informed that, with the enactment of the law, the provision of dental services cannot be interrupted or put into the background by federal, state and municipal administrators.

Smiling Brazil is focused on expanding the offer of this service in vulnerable areas with gaps in care.

The program offers free dental care in the SUS and is present in 5,200 municipalities.

According to the federal government, prior to the program, the main procedure performed in public services was tooth extraction. After the policy was established, the SUS implemented more preventive care and dental recovery measures. Services are provided at:

  • Primary health care units (UBS)
  • Family Health Units (USF)
  • mobile dental units (UOM)
  • Dental Specialized Centers (CEO)
  • Hospitals
  • Regional Prosthodontics Laboratories (LRPD)

The file says that 805 municipalities have received new services and oral health teams, and 85 municipalities will receive these teams for the first time.

According to the ministry, the country now has 33,300 staff working and 5,600 dental services in operation. With the new qualifications, more than 10 million Brazilians have now been reached by Brasil Sorridente, reaching the 111.6 million people covered by the programme..

The ministry also enabled 19 new dental specialization centres, 10 new mobile dental units and 552 new regional laboratories for prosthetic dentistry (LRPD).

Health care “investment”

During his speech, Lula said that he does not consider spending public spending on health. For him, the use of resources in the region is an “investment”.

“Don’t talk to me about spending, because caring for people’s health is an investment. A healthy citizen is more productive than a sick citizen, without the strength, without the quality to provide the service he wishes to provide. Money to take care of people is an investment,” Lula declared.

The President also mentioned that paying attention to oral health improves people’s self-esteem.

“So in 20 or 30 years, we can dream of having a society where people can eat meat, they can eat nuts, they can smile, they can even have a boyfriend or girlfriend. On top, you wouldn’t want to date a guy who didn’t do that,” he said. Lola.