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Tite hides Jesus' substitute and reduces the defeat in Peru in the first stage - 07/04/2021

Tite hides Jesus’ substitute and reduces the defeat in Peru in the first stage – 07/04/2021

Tite has kept the tradition of hiding the starting lineup in the crucial matches. For tomorrow’s match (5) against Peru, the captain would not be able to count on Gabriel Jesus who was sent off against Chile, and did not want to reveal who would be the substitute in the semi-final match of the Copa America.

And in a press conference today (4), the captain avoided talking about the names and said that the team will be forced to repeat the same idea of ​​the game that he developed in recent matches. He used the question to glorify the diversity that his group affords him.

“Basically, I want a well-balanced team of vertical strikers attacking a complex with joint players and two midfielders. That is the idea. If it is from the side or from the middle, I will not speak, because it is an important strategic move for us. But it is important. Praise for the work of This is the whole team. You’ve changed names and the team maintains standards, according to the needs of the game. If you want a coach, you have Everton, the strength, the imposition or the access, you have Paquita, to enforce you have Fabinho with Casemiro, if you want a player with a wheel you have Fred and Douglas.. And creating all these possibilities is what strengthens the team for diversity in terms of squad. We have the three defenders playing a lot, a wide range of options, which makes the participation of everyone on the team essential.”

Along with Gabriel Jesus, the team will not be able to count on Alex Sandro, who will be replaced by Renan Lodi. Thus, he can inherit the vacant position left by the attacker GabigolOr Lucas Paqueta or Everton Ribeiro.

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In the group stage match, Brazil left the field with a big win, with a score of 4-0, but this should not be taken into account when compared to Monday’s match, at 20:00, at Nelton Santos, in Rio. de Janeiro. The captain warned that the fact that the two teams faced each other frequently in recent competitions reduces the difference between them. It is worth noting that the 2019 Copa America final was held between the same teams.

“The two teams have a tradition of clashes inside the Copa America, they played the last final and faced each other in the group stages, as well as the qualifiers. From then on, the observation or confirmation of expectations ends. Different situations, moments, teams and reality everything else. It is a killing game, with Very high level of demand. Play better to pass, I’m sure that’s our goal and I’m sure Piero too,” he explained, shortly after hearing a continuation from Kleber Xavier, his assistant who also waived teamwork.

“The Peruvian team is the team we face the most, it will be the seventh match. Very difficult matches, except for the first match in the Copa America last year. The result was 4-0 very difficult, the goals came in the end. We know Peru well, they know us. We are currently working on defensive strategies. And offensive. They lose an important player like Carrillo, but they have the possibility of having Garcia on the field. An aggressive team, and he represents a very strong midfielder,” he analyzed.

Also, due to the recurrence of the confrontation between the two teams recently, the technical committee of the Brazilian team imagines that it cannot surprise the opponent or even the team of coach Ricardo Gareca.

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“I don’t believe it. Neither in our favour, nor against us. When a five-minute plan is made, you adapt. What you have is a technical advantage, more time for the coach with his team, individual moments. I don’t believe in tactical knots., which they use a lot.” Either for or against. And when they say it’s in his favour, I say it’s not. It’s a whole structure we have to analyze the whole group, these variables as I said before. A mental game, mainly in one game.”