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Tite does not give up on judgment and evaluation after Flamengo’s ball

Tite does not give up on judgment and evaluation after Flamengo’s ball

I came here again today, in addition to the great victory, to understand the VAR criteria again. The Refereeing Committee received the Board, there is a dialogue, but again, in our understanding, Flamengo was hurt. If it was a penalty for Alan… in our understanding, it was not. He touches the ball first, the referee does not monitor it and the VAR calls it. We want to understand the VAR criteria for not awarding a penalty to Eric. There is no contact on the ball from the opponent. Our athlete tripped and fell and the VAR did not call it. In a game at the highest level, with high intensity and very important. We do not understand the criteria. We come after a great victory because when we talk after a negative result they will say it was a crutch, a loser’s cry. I repeat that Flamengo feels hurt and wants to understand the VAR criteria.

What else did Titi say?

calendar: “We asked for Sunday, we asked for Monday… We ask the fans to help us. Give the athletes love. They deserve it. As much as they dedicate themselves and give themselves, they deserve it. Again.” Third game in three days, all the teams on the calendar need to improve.

sequence: “A very difficult championship. The most difficult in the world for me because it has a very great balance of forces. I’m not saying it’s the best, but it’s the most difficult. Football is not just the technical and tactical part. It’s a series of other human relationships, only those who live in the dressing room on a daily basis can feel that, and they’ve never heard us say that this or that is missing. Sometimes the question comes, but we try to appreciate the athletes who are here. He put Eric on the pitch, he was ready, a team was formed with a series of aspects that are not just technical and tactical.”

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Pedro: “It happened today because he saved Pedro. Nobody saved Pedro. He felt his leg yesterday afternoon. He took the risk of not coming, but he was willing to travel. I’m not crazy about keeping him. He was feeling it, it was the beginning of a reckless risk with him, and we have to manage it.

Carlinhos: “He overcame personal problems, he overcame injuries. When we played against Nova Iguaçu, it was assumed that the ball would not reach him because of the level of quality.”