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Tite analyzes Flamengo’s victory over Gremio and leadership: “If there is no team, it is not enough” |  Flamingo

Tite analyzes Flamengo’s victory over Gremio and leadership: “If there is no team, it is not enough” | Flamingo

Flamingo 2 x 1 Gremio | The best moments | The eighth round | Brazilian League 2024

Even with a series of absences and injuries during the match,… Flamingo He managed to stay at the top of the Brazilian championship. Coach Tite relied on two goals from Luiz Araujo to beat Gremio 2-1, on Thursday, at the Maracana Stadium, raising his score to 17 points in the competition.

– It is a very balanced tournament. He said that the group is key, and you must be in the group of four in the last ten rounds to compete for the title.

Tite chose the starting lineup with Leo Ortiz and Igor Jesus as the midfielders. He changed the formation due to an injury to Igor Jesus, replacing Luiz Araujo in the first half. Thus, Gerson retreated and remained with a main winger, which led to a change in the style of play and an increase in speed.

Tite complains to the bench at Flamengo and Gremio – Photo: Andre Durau

– I asked the president if I could pretend, he said yes. Then I asked him if he knew why we won, and he replied: “The team.” Flamingo It’s not the 11 players who start. It’s a working group. Fans, management, committee and group of athletes are included. We had five in the team, three injured, two in the first half. “If you don’t have a team, a working group, it won’t be enough, including the support of the fans,” Tite said.

– It is not only an opportunity for those who enter, but also for those who stay to play well. If we don’t have a crutch ready, ah, we’ve changed a lot of people, it’s justified, no, we have to produce those who produce well and who also come in, for this situation to happen, then the group becomes strong. With all the difficulties because moving with a lot of people and maintaining coordination of movements is very difficult and here my thanks to the fan who understood this and who after the first 10 minutes started supporting the team because he understood the difficulties of the confrontation and started by supporting these basic children, the more support they get from them. Also, the more experienced the athlete is, the more support he feels from the fans, the better his production.

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The coach commented on the topic of the Brazilian football calendar. The Brazilian Championship will continue during the Copa America and will cause a series of absences for most teams in the competition.

– Rationalizing the calendar, leaving money aside, and maintaining the validity and quality of the offer.

Hey Flamingo He returns to play on Sunday, against Atletico PR, in Curitiba, in the ninth round of the Brazilian championship. The team will still miss Arascaeta, Viña, Varela, de la Cruz and Pulgar, who are in Copa America. Alan and Ayrton Lucas are recovering from injuries. Furthermore, Igor Jesus and Cipolinia will be monitored after suffering an injury against Gremio.

“I will respond in relation to Gremio Internacional and Juventude. I spoke with Roger, the coach of Juventude, and I repeat here. The tournament is already unbalanced as a result. We have to try to reduce these differences. It is already unbalanced. It has become unbalanced, and we are not in a position to talk.” Here, or measuring it, only those who suffer and lose loved ones can have an impact on this, it is already unbalanced.

“I can say how respectful the relationship with Neymar was always throughout our time. How loyal we were, saying the right and wrong things to each other. How accepting he was of all the athletes and especially the youngsters when they arrived at the club.” “The national team, I’m talking about this chapter, this story that we lived together.”

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