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Tips can increase the refund amount

Income Tax Refund Table (IR 2021) It starts at the end of May, and more specifically at the 31st. In all, 5 pieces are expected, with the final round coming out on September 30th. Although the deadline for submitting the declaration has been extended, Payback schedule It follows the same.

Check out the full dates below: 1st batch – May 31st; The second batch – 30 June; The third batch – 30 July; The fourth batch – August 31; Fifth batch – 30th September. If, at the end of the return, the taxpayer receives the “tax to be recovered” information, he will be informed of the amount that will be returned to the bank account indicated in the return.

Noting that IR recoveries prioritize date Submit the advertisement. That is, anyone who sends the fastest possible time is more likely to receive money in the first batches. The deadline for submitting the declaration is May 31.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that some categories of taxpayers have legal priority in receiving payments. They are: people aged 60 or over, physically disabled or critically ill and taxpayers for whom the teaching profession is the largest source of income.

Tips that can increase your income tax refund

For the citizen to get more money in income tax refund, there are legal methods that can be adopted when sending the information. One of the crucial points in organizing in advance, is to collect and separate the necessary documents.

Taxpayers can guarantee reimbursement for dental, medical and court expenses, for example. But for that, it is necessary to bring documents proving the expenses. Additionally, other tips that can help increase your refund include:

  • PGBL withholding, As it accounts for up to 12% of the annual taxable income and allows for an increase in the amount refunded;
  • Reducing investment brokerage fees It helps to increase the recoverable amount while the taxpayer has to pay less IR;
  • Find out how to advertise rental properties For those who own homes, apartments or commercial rooms, there is another tip that makes it possible to increase IR income. This is because it is possible to reduce the amount paid in commission to real estate companies, for example. IPTU or housing unit fees can also be included in the Advance Payments tab of the ad.
  • Make advertisement individually. In the case of spouses, the procedure allows for greater chances of increasing payback, because joint advertising means adding two salaries, which puts the risk of rating the income at a higher rate of IR.
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Finally, another key tip for ensuring more financial return on the statement relates to Register of deductible expenses, Which also reduces the infrared radiation. For example, there are: expenses with dependents, alimony payment, education (top to bottom level), health and donations.

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