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Tina Turner Notifies Tina's Life Not to Use the Tina Brand in Music - 06/29/2021 - Illustrated

Tina Turner loses and Tina’s Life can use Tina’s trademark – 07/12/2022 – Illustrated

Tina’s Life could brand Tina in the music business even though Tina Turner doesn’t want to. This was decided after the singer’s lawyers informed the two Brazilian actresses who maintain the comic file, and are now free to register their name with the National Institute of Industrial Property, ENPPI, in the field of music and music and related services. .

Now, the profile ordered by Júlia Burnier and Isabela Mariotto only needs to make a payment for the final registration to become official.

The case took place in June 2021, a few months after Bournier filed for registration. The duo then received extrajudicial notice from lawyers representing Tina Turner in Brazil, requesting that Tina’s trademark not be registered with Inpi, in the “entertainment services” specification.

In the document, the rights holders of Tina Turner requested an agreement so that the recording of the trademark A Vida de Tina would not enter the music business.

Our client is the owner of several valid registrations of the trademark “Tina” […] In Canada, the European Community, the United Kingdom and the United States,” the lawyers say in the document sent to Burnier. According to them, the name “Tina” deserves trademark protection because it is “famously known,” regardless of whether Tina is the brand Turner’s name. deposited or registered in Brazil.

“The use of the ‘Tina’ trademark in the formation of the trademark A Vida de Tina is likely to mislead the general public into error, suspicion and confusion, suggesting that the ‘new’ trademark A Vida de Tina was created as a way of honoring the famous American singer Tina. Turner and its path in the entertainment sector. There is also potential for confusion with “Tina: The Tina Turner Musical,” as the brand in question protects entertainment and music services based on the life of Tina Turner,” the document said.

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However, Inpi understood that there are no barriers to registration.

When the notification arrived, Mariotto, who plays Brazilian Tina, stated that the first reaction was surprise. “We never imagined we could compete for something with Tina Turner, because she’s an artist of global reach, and a huge woman so close to us,” she told this newspaper.

According to her, the registration was a matter of legal certainty, to ensure that the name A Vida de Tina, already well spread on the Internet, was used by themselves and not by any online adventurer. “But we are not thinking of launching a clothing brand,” he said. “It’s just a matter of security.”

The report contacted Veirano Advogados, who is representing Tina Turner in the case, but had not received a response at press time. The office of Borges Sales e Alem, which represents the duo, also did not comment on the case.