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TikTok has learned to open cans in an unusual way

TikTok has learned to open cans in an unusual way

Just imagine, you must have opened countless cans by using your fingers to pull out the seal, right? Well, get ready to discover an unusual and viral way to pull off this trick!

TikToker Jordan Howlett surprised everyone by sharing a video of his ingenious technique of opening a soda can using another can. The content has become a phenomenon on the platform, with over 9 million views.

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Howlett’s announcement came in response to a provocative question from another TikTok user: “What did you discover late in life that you should have known earlier but didn’t?” Determined to share his bizarre trick, he pointed to a circular rim at the bottom of the can and explained the secret behind the feat.

Technical understanding

The revolutionary method involves stacking one can on top of another and then making a motion that results in the immediate opening of the seal. that simple! Jordan Howlett explained how useful this technique can be in situations like when you’ve just had your manicure done or when you simply want to avoid hurting your fingers.

The viral video generated an avalanche of shocked reactions from onlookers who marveled at the hoax. One amazed user commented: “Why did my jaw drop and make it look so easy?” Another enthusiast: “My life has changed forever.”

This type of content proves how the creativity and curiosity of social network users can result in great advice, capable of surprising and captivating a wide audience. An everyday task can turn into a fun and wonderful experience. If you haven’t checked out the video yet, give it a try and see how this little tip can come in handy at some point in your life.


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