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TikTok announces in-app purchase tool

TikTok announces in-app purchase tool

In partnership with Canadian e-commerce company Shopify, TikTok on Tuesday (24) announced the creation of a shopping tool within its video app. Shopify consumers with a “tico e teco” merchant account will be able to add a shop tab to their profiles, as well as add product links directly to their content.

According to Blake Chandley, Head of Business at TikTok, the company will facilitate “creating compelling content that leads consumers directly to online shopping.” At this time, the tool will be released exclusively to Shopify sellers.

Users will be able to purchase the items mentioned in the app, without having to leave the app. (Photo: Playback / TikTok)

In this way, the social network creates a sharp conflict with the Instagram neighbor application, as the platform also has a shopping tool within the social network, in addition to following the line of other companies such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, which have invested heavily in purchasing resources to drive sales growth.

Some profiles already have the tab under test.  (Photo: Clone/Edge)

Some profiles already have the tab under test. (Photo: Clone/Edge)

The sales model has become a trend in networks, as applications seek to convert their popularity and frequency of users into commercial transactions. The beta is available in the US and UK, with Canada adding in the coming weeks. The company will launch in other regions in the coming months.

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