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Thousands of Europeans fought on the border with England - the world

Thousands of Europeans fought on the border with England – the world

EU citizens are locked up in detention centers for several days or forced to sleep at the airport until they are evacuated.

Francisco J. Consolves

As Brexit continues to grow, the number of citizens of EU (EU) countries whose entry into the UK has been banned. Although there has been a sharp reduction in international travel due to epidemic controls, the increase has come in full swing over the past three months, according to official figures released by the British press this Friday.In total, 3294 EU citizens were deported, almost seven times more than in the first quarter of 2020. Air traffic was 20 times higher at the time, but only 493 EU citizens were barred from entering.
Visitor arrivals from the EU fell by 94% to 97% in the first three months of the year, increasing numbers.Entry blocking also takes place at airports and seaports and the Eurostar terminal.Denial of entry cases Cases of clear violation of post-Brexit rules providing the opportunity to enter the UK without a visa are on the rise. The situation is exacerbated by the humiliating and mistreatment that many are subjected to, and they are kept in detention centers for several days before returning home. There are also hundreds of cases where people are forced to sleep at airports until they return.In the face of the news, the Boris Johnson government has already ordered changes, but the rules that led to these circumstances are still in effect.

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