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Those who did not receive the PIS Salary Bonus will only be able to get the benefit from January 2022

Those who did not receive the PIS Salary Bonus will only be able to get the benefit from January 2022

Those who do not receive the PIS salary bonus will only be able to receive the benefits from January 2022 and workers entitled to the benefit may receive up to R$1,100; The cashier has a phone to inform who is entitled.

The deadline for withdrawal salary credit From the 2020-2021 calendar.

According to Caixa Econômica Federal, which is responsible for PIS, as of Tuesday, 214 million Rls of the allowance for 2019 were still forgotten in the coffers, which is the equivalent of 327.6 thousand unpaid entitlements. Looking at the corresponding year amounts, R$1.2 billion has not yet been withdrawn.

Those eligible and those who have not made a withdrawal until this Wednesday will only be able to get the benefit again from January 2022. The calendar will remain set by Codefat.

An employee who has not withdrawn benefits on time can do so for five years. If you don’t get the money back, it goes back to the FAT Workers Support Fund.

Understand how salary bonus works:

1) Who is eligible for the allowance?

Salary bonus is payable to workers from private companies registered in the Social Integration Program (PIS) for at least five years, or workers from public companies registered in the Civil Servants Heritage Training Program (PASEP), also for at least five years, which meet all of the following requirements :

• worked for a legal entity for at least 30 consecutive days or not, in the base year considered for calculating the allowance;

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• They earned, on average, a maximum of minimum wages during the base year taken into account when calculating the allowance. electronic publishing

• That the data has been properly reported by the employer in the annual social information report (Rais or E-social).

2) How do I know if I am entitled? Do you have a number I can call?

Yes, the Caixa ao Cidadão service can be contacted at 0800726 0207 – Option 2 – Option 2.

This number allows you to let you know whether or not you are entitled to withdraw. And if you’re not, you’ll also know why.

You can also find out if you have the right through the Caixa Trabalhador app or on the website: https://www.caixa.gov.br/abonosalarial.

3) Who does not deserve this advantage?

Not entitled to a salary bonus:

– domestic servants

– rural workers employed by the individual,

Urban workers employed by an individual

– It is employed by an individual equivalent to a legal entity.

4) If I qualify, will I get the minimum wage: R$1,100?

not always. The calculation of the amount of the benefit corresponds to the number of working months in the base year multiplied by 1/12 of the minimum wage in effect on the date of payment.

Example. Those who worked all year receive R$1,100. Those who worked for only one month receive 1/12 of the minimum wage (R$92).

A service period equal to or more than 15 days in a month counts as a full month.

5) When is the allowance paid?

The PIS/Pasep payment schedule is determined by Codefat. The payment schedule for PIS 2020/2021, base year 2019, started in July of last year for those born in July and those born in June can only withdraw from February 2021. The next schedule will open again from January 2022.

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6) What happens if I don’t get my salary bonus?

Funds are available for five years. If you do not withdraw within this period, you will not receive.

7) How do I withdraw the salary bonus?

• With the registered citizen card and password, it is possible to withdraw from CAIXA ATMs, lottery stores and the corresponding Caixa Aqui.

• If you do not have a Citizen’s Card, the benefit amount can be collected at any CAIXA branch upon presentation of an official identification document.

• The feature can also be obtained through direct credit to an individual account with movement and balance: checking account, savings account, Caixa Fácil or digital social savings account.

• Prior years’ benefits at Casas Lotéricas can be obtained using a password and an official identification document with the CPF, as long as the password is registered with an agency and the beneficiary does not possess a citizen card.

8) When does the allowance withdrawal start in 2022?

The salary bonus, which is traditionally issued from July to June of the following year, will be paid from January to December each year, based on information provided by employers in the previous year. With this change, the 2022 calendar, base year 2020, will begin in January 2022.

9) What happens if the employer delivers the boss late?

Salary bonus payment has been made available to selected RAIS workers after the deadline, which was delivered by September 30, 2020, effective December 2020, in accordance with the 2020/2021 annual payment schedule.

But if the RAIS is delivered after 09/30/2020, payment will only be available in the following year’s calendar, 2021/2022.

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Source: Caixa Ecomica Federal – Source R7