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This was the moment when the British press started hating Meghan Markle - Metro World News Brasil

This was the moment when the British press started hating Meghan Markle – Metro World News Brasil

The announcement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement appears to be the moment when the British press began reporting negatively about the Duchess of Sussex. At least that’s what the participants in the BBC’s documentary Princes and the Press said, which was broadcast in two parts in the UK at the end of November.

The truth is that the press has been waiting for a moment with the newlyweds, something that can be reported with “hotter” information, a word used in journalistic jargon when the news is interesting and up-to-date. In the first part of Princes and the Press, presenter Amol Rajan and other real journalists argue that the unusual way this November day was carried out set the tone for what could be, and still be, an extremely bitter relationship between Meghan Markle and major British journalistic vehicles.

A royal engagement is usually an opportunity for the bride to meet the press informally. But this one was different. Harry and Meghan put a pond between them and the reporters. “It was not the kind of celebration the press was used to,” Amol Rajan said.

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Camilla Tominay, a journalist for The Telegraph, explains: “The first press conference was too far away. And then there was no decent and welcome meeting. Perhaps Megan’s lack of understanding is due to the fact that they did not present her enough to the press.”

Richard Palmer, a correspondent for the Royal Daily Express, agreed with the two colleagues, saying: “One of the mistakes they made was not to get involved with the media.”

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Compared to Kate Middleton

The documentary picked up comments from journalists who compared Meghan Markle’s first moment as official royalty and the same moment Kate Middleton experienced, years ago.

Camilla Tomini said: “I still have fond memories of Kate showing me her huge sapphire and diamond ring after a press conference at St James’s Palace with the words: ‘She was William’s mother, so very special.