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This Nubank resource will help you get a limited over

This Nubank resource will help you get a limited over

Nubank has a function that helps increase the limit

Have you been trying for months to increase your Nubank limit and nothing? Well, the reason must be that you still don’t know which company resource is facilitating this order. Few people know, but in the application there is an option to automatically increase the limit.

And how is that possible? All you have to do is save some money in the “hold max” part and whenever you need extra credit, you will get it. This functionality is available to all types of clients.

If you save 1,000 riyals, for example, and need an extra limit, the app will recognize that money as collateral and will increase the limit by 1,000 riyals. Good, but to keep getting benefits, you have to pay the bill on time. In addition, the limit for using this function is up to 5 thousand riyals.

Step by Step

1 – Access to the Nubank app (available for Android and iOS);
2 – In the “Cards” tab, click “Reserve maximum value”;
3 – Select the amount you want to reserve from your Nubank digital account to be used as a card limit;
4 – read and accept the terms and conditions presented;
5 – Enter the 4-digit password;
6 – The new credit card limit will become available in a few seconds so that the user can benefit from the functionality the way he wants.

What did the company do wrong?

Nubank is, without a doubt, one of the most popular digital banks in Brazil. Millions of Brazilians have used it, and the famous “roxinho” has become popular in a way that has attracted many customers, mainly due to the convenience and comfort of use on a cell phone screen.

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However, Nubank ended up being a topic this week due to a situation that divided opinions. This is because the company recently laid off nearly 30 employees at once, but has incorporated a no-defamation clause into its contracts, offering a bonus to employees who do not abuse the company on social media.

According to experts in the field, the procedure is not illegal, but it is unnecessary. To win the loyalty of former employees, Nubank offers up to two additional salaries and a three-month health plan extension so as not to tarnish the company’s reputation online. However, the condition may not be recognized by the justice.

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