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This foldable mouse is as thin as a notebook |  mice

This foldable mouse is as thin as a notebook | mice

When opened, the Air.0 can be easily carried even in a trouser pocket without making it bulky. While closed, the magnet ensures that the mouse is properly shaped to fit the user’s hand.

The form can be purchased with a financing contribution of $49, which is approximately R$253 in a pre-tax direct transfer. Weighing just 40 grams, the device has two mechanical buttons and a touch mouse wheel, making it thinner and more portable, but it may not satisfy those who prefer a traditional mouse scroll.

The device is using the connection Bluetooth 5.2, which, according to the developers, ensures even more energy efficiency. Also according to its creators, a full charge is done by a cable USB-C, the mouse can provide an autonomy of up to three months, with a fast recharging system that allows three hours of use with just one minute of recharging.

The manufacturer promised that the first equipment should be shipped from March 2023. According to the information on the crowdfunding site, Brazil is not part of the countries covered by the shipping options.

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