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This boy's comic announced a break online to take care of his health

This boy’s comic announced a break online to take care of his health

Comedian Issei Menino, who went viral with the video mocking an email exchange between the federal government and pharmaceutical company Pfizer, announced a pause in creating content for social networks.

He said in a video posted to his profile on Instagram.

Credit: Reproduction / Instagram / essemeninoThis boy’s comedian announces a break online to take care of his mental health

According to the author of the phrases “Are you done?” And “Scientific Kisses,” since its launch in June of this year, has not stopped working to take advantage of the opportunities that have emerged.

“The consequences of that were, yeah, pretty cool, but at the same time, I’m exhausted man. I’m so tired, I feel bad, you know? And people talk about feeling like I literally took it, and how easy it feels for me during the months The last six and it wasn’t. The internet is complicated, it makes it sound like it was so cool, so easy, it arrived, it was ready.”

The 25-year-old miner also revealed that he had struggled with several mental health issues for years.

“I suffer from severe anxiety, I have been diagnosed with depression for a while as well as inattention. In many cases, including mine, this leads to many self-reliance and self-esteem issues. Anyway, we can sometimes be mean very much with ourselves,” he said.

this boy

Credit: Reproduction / Instagram / essemeninoThis boy says he suffers from anxiety attacks

He also commented on how he felt before recording his “Esse Menino.MP3” show, which debuted in November, on Multishow YouTube.

“I really didn’t want to condone this misconception that the Internet often builds that it’s all honey on a pacifier, when, in fact, during the week of recording ‘This Menino.MP3’ I’m anxious, feeling paralyzed, and short of breath. On the couch of a psychiatrist, Love asked God for help because things were not good here,” he said.

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The comedian concluded by saying that he will return “when he has more to offer”. “I want to add a lot to national comedy, a lot to national entertainment, but that also requires some care that I take care of.”

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Brazil is the country with the largest number of people suffering from anxiety, according to World Health Organization (WHO). There are 8.6 million Brazilians (9.3% of the population) living with the disease.

Turbulence appears when great importance is given to an event. The effect of this on the body is observed. Breathing becomes labored and rapid, and the person feels palpitations, tremors and discomfort.

In times of crisis, it is recommended to take the focus away from the symptoms that are occurring. The easiest way to do this is to breathe. This is because breathing is a natural calming. Therefore, breathing slowly and deeply helps to calm and relax the momentary tension.

Try to breathe by exhaling the abdomen, making the air pass through the diaphragm at an ideal rhythm for your breathing, and you can inhale by drawing in air in 4 seconds, holding your breath for 4 seconds and exhaling all the air in your lungs. 6 seconds, always trying to be comfortable with the breathing time.

Check out this link for other techniques that can help relieve an anxiety attack.

Remember that anxiety and depression are illnesses that require medical and psychological support.