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This app has been pulled from Google Play due to spyware.  Check if you have it installed

This app has been pulled from Google Play due to spyware. Check if you have it installed

Android app store, Google Play, announced that the “iRecorder – Screen Recorder” app carries a series of the most harmful spyware and malware currently out there. Immediately, the platform removed the aforementioned app from its collection.

As stated by the security company ESET, which discovered these viruses, the application was launched in September 2021, however, after about a year it started receiving these spyware and malware.

It is believed that the infiltration of these viruses occurred when the app became part of a vast international espionage campaign.

Experts claim that malware and spyware have been integrated into iRecorder Through updates, which enables the application to steal information from messages, record phone calls, capture conversations using the device’s microphone, and even invade other applications to obtain personal data.

Even though it has been removed from Google Play, the app is still very dangerous if it is installed on any device through untrusted sources.

In addition, Google Play indicates that iRecorder was downloaded more than 50,000 times before it was deleted. Therefore, if you have this application on your cell phone, it is very important that you uninstall it immediately.

At the same time, it is recommended to change all your passwords if you notice any suspicious activity on your accounts. Finally, performing a full device reset is a recommended procedure if you detect any suspicious activity on your device.

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