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Thiago Cotto "Determining" and "Warrior" Calleri review notes from São Paulo

Thiago Cotto “Determining” and “Warrior” Calleri review notes from São Paulo

In a well-balanced match with few chances to score, Sao Paulo advanced in the fight for a place in the Copa del Rey semi-finals. This Thursday (28), crowded Morumbi saw Luciano score the goal he set Tricolor 1-0 victory over America-MG. Coelho got a chance to equalize in the second stage after a penalty kick by Thiago Cotto on Henrique Almeida. But the young goalkeeper replaced himself and took the kick from Iago Maidana.

in Live from Sao Pauloa program UOL Esporte Immediately after the tri-color matches, journalists Marcelo Hazan, Menon and Gabriel Periccini evaluated the performance of the Sao Paulo players in the match against America-MG. Commentators have highlighted Luciano’s crucial role and the return of Thiago Cotto, who replaced the injured Gandri, who was criticized for his unsafe performance.

Check out the notes for the players and coach of Sao Paulo:

Thiago Koto

Hazan – Take the punishment and seize – 7.5

Menon – 7

Perecini – Not just for the penalty kick, but for the deciding factor – 7.5

Diego Costa

Hazan – 6.5

Menon – He lost a ball that gave America-MG a dangerous counterattack – 6

Perecini – He was a little lower, but had good expectations – 6.5


Hazan – 7

Menon – covered on both sides. He helped a lot on the left – 7

Perecini – He had some strange minutes, wrong predictions – 7


Hazan – 6.5

Menon – A little less than Miranda – 6

Beresini – He played a very good game, especially in the second half. 7.5

Igor Vinicius

Hazan – To help – 7

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Menon – In addition to helping, he gave another good pass. But it got complicated in other plays – 6.5

Perecini – In addition to the great help, I really enjoyed his defensive game – 7

Gabriel Neves

Hazan – 5.5

Menon – 5.5

Perecini – A little lost – 5

Igor Gomez

Hazan – 5

Menon – It got complicated in a ball the American goalkeeper played – MG – 5.5

Perecini – Very bad technically. His worst game in a long time. 5

Rodrigo Nestor

Hazan – A little rivalry – 5

Menon – Did not appear in attack or defense. very weak today 5

Perecini – Was the worst in midfield. I cooperated a little defensively. 4.5


Hazan – 6

Menon. Help Gallopo missed. 6.5

Perecini – He fell a bit defensively and lost in some moves, but had good support – 6


Hazan scored the winning goal 7.5

Menon – I really liked it. He scored the goal and assisted in the midfield – 7.5

Perecini – Except for the goal, I didn’t like his game very much. He made a lot of noise and had little objectivity. He had an advantage in goalkeeping. 6.5


Hazan is doing his best. 6.5

Menon – usual. warrior – 6.5

Perecini – You took the protection and took the team from behind. He didn’t have a great opportunity to finish, but he has something to offer – 6.5

Rogerio Cini

Hazan – no degree

Menon – It’s kind of sabotaged by the midfield guys’ poor technical moment. I tried to fix it anyway and it didn’t work. It’s an old staff problem. 6

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Perecini – He climbed correctly and couldn’t fix the ball problems, but he tried to fix the midfield – 6

Don’t miss the chance! Next version of Live from Sao Paulo It will be Sunday (31), right after the match against Atletico in Brazil’s favour. You can follow the program through UOL . channelIn the Application UOL . pointsin Sao Paulo page on UOL Esporte or not UOL Esporte YouTube channel.