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"They were amazing when they were together"

“They were amazing when they were together”

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João Guilherme and Jade Picon are friends, but they’ve been dating in the past

João Guilherme already lived and mentioned former Jade Picon
© Reproduction / instagram joaoguilhermeJoão Guilherme already lived and mentioned former Jade Picon

out of curiosity, Joao Gilherme And the Jade Bacon They had a relationship for nearly three years. During this period, the two dispelled dating on social networks, and even after the end of last year, the two pursued a healthy friendship and the influencer talked about Like Which she still had from her ex-husband while she was confined to it BBB 22.

This Saturday, João took a few moments out of his day to make a He lives And the right time to send Television Who was nearby started to show reportage about their previous relationship. In the photos, you can even see an old photo of the couple. Leonardo’s son did not miss the opportunity and showed it in the video.

In social networks, the position Model Mainly praised Smell And the joao Keep maturity And they manage to be friends after the end issue. “And I wanted to understand why we should hate our ex? Isn’t it over yet?” said a follower kkkk. “They were amazing when they were together. Grandfather!”, another noted.

Appearance review

newly, Joao Gilherme yell at Twitter He asks people to stop criticizing his appearance. Users have noticed the boy’s physique for a few days now. “You people on the internet are attacking everyone’s looks, all the time. ‘It’s ugly’ or ‘I don’t know what you see in it’, among other things… Like (?) 2022 bro, this topic has been discussed many times and it seems that no Nobody knows how to read. You limp. Stop.” The young man shouted on social media.

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