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They are exempted from the US visa interview!

They are exempted from the US visa interview!

Currently, waiting list for interview visa Business and tourism to us 484 days, and there is no estimate for a reduction at this time, at least for the foreseeable future.

However, the U.S. government has allowed embassies and consulates in Brazil to waive the face-to-face interview requirement, depending on the type of visa requested to travel to the United States. This regulation covers tourist, work, exchange and study visas, measures introduced in 2022, but their validity period has been extended until the end of 2023.

The cases of visas affected by the permission to not conduct a face-to-face interview are different, initially, we will talk about the renewal of the H-2 visa or its first application. Foreign nationals working in the United States on a seasonal or temporary basis. Therefore, in the case of these workers, consular officers may avoid interviews.

Another method by which the interview can be cancelled tourism, this is great news for Brazilians, as this category accounts for most of the national demand. Therefore, any visa renewal may be exempted from the interview, if the previous one is less than 48 months, Visa for business and tourist trips – B1/B2.

Other visas related to professional activities may also be waived, for example:

  • H-1 or O: experts;
  • H-3: training;
  • H-4: H visa holder’s relatives;
  • L: Executives and Managers;
  • P: athletes and artists;
  • K: International projects.

However, a necessary condition for this exemption is that in these cases, the applicant must have previously obtained a US visa and have never been denied an application for entry into the US.

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Finally, in the cases mentioned here, even those who are eligible for exemption, this is not mandatory and may be requested by the consular officer. Interview Face-to-face is considered essential.