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These foods make you fat without you even realizing it

These foods make you fat without you even realizing it

until I can Weight loss🇧🇷 You need to be in a caloric deficit, that is, to spend more than you consume. Some foods facilitate this process while others, due to the amount of calories they contain, make it difficult to lose weight without anyone noticing. Learn which options, as tasty as they are, you should start avoiding.

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Delicious high-calorie foods

These are the enemies of your weight loss process. Avoid them as much as possible.

1. Salad dressing

Salads are very welcome and real allies in the process of losing weight, since they contain very few calories, but the sauces that are usually used to dress salads can seriously damage anyone’s diet.

Most are based on mayonnaise or olive oil, two ingredients that contain more than 500 calories per 100g.

2. Avocado

Although the fruit is rich in healthy fats for the body, it contains a large number of calories, so it should be consumed in moderation.

3. Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a healthy alternative to some recipes, but it also contains a large number of calories. There are 230 per 100 grams. It’s a lot, isn’t it?

4. Sushi

It is often considered a “healthy” food, but some of its pieces can contain a lot of calories. Want an example? Hot sushi! They are breaded and fried. This already explains a lot.

5. Gelatin

It is widely used in Revenues “healthy”. Since it is a powder, people think it is okay to take it plain. None of this. Gelatin is different from what it sounds like, it guarantees you 350 calories per 100 grams. Complex!

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6. Coriander in cereal

Coriander is one of the flavors that is widely used in the kitchen to add flavor and aroma to dishes, and it can be eaten in leaves and grains. The leaves are low in calories but the grains? Be careful! There are 350 calories in every 100 grams.