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These countries consume more coffee than Brazil

These countries consume more coffee than Brazil

If you think that most Brazilians love coffee since childhood, you will be surprised by the result of the recently released list, which shows the ten countries that consume the drink the most. Despite being the largest producer in the world, Brazil is not among the top ten when it comes to coffee consumption.

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Finland tops the list as the largest consumer by far. There, each inhabitant consumes an average of 12 kg of coffee per year! Next up, we have Norway, where 9.9 kg of coffee is consumed per capita annually. Thirdly, there is Iceland, where an individual consumes about 9 kg of coffee each year.

Countries that consume the most coffee

In addition to the top three occupying the top of classification Of the countries that consume the drink the most, the list also includes Denmark, in order of “largest use”; Holland; Sweden; Switzerland ; Belgium; Luxembourg and Canada.

There is no doubt that coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world, but in fact, some countries in the world stand out. consumption, Not right? Just to give you an idea, it has been cultivated in over 70 countries. The drink is loved by many and one of the most popular.

Coffee lovers appreciate the unique and incomparable aroma, as well as its flavor and other properties.

We can mention, for example, the caffeine found in coffee. It is a natural stimulant that helps increase energy and focus. Therefore, there are many people who can only start their day after taking a good dose.

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Another advantage is that the coffee matches any season of the year. The drink can be taken in many different ways, be it hot or cold, with milk, sugar, sweetener, and more. Everyone gets to brew their coffee just the way they like it, with an unparalleled personal touch He drinks Allow.