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“There will be many people who will agree”; Vitor Pereira makes a surprising decision about Gerson at Flamengo on the eve of the World Cup


The midfielder recently returned and received his first criticism in the match against Palmeiras

© Photos: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF and Fernando Moreno/AGIFVitor Pereira makes up his mind about Gerson at Flamengo on the eve of the World Cup

Gerson fair Flamingo Surrounded by high expectations and nothing less than that. The Joker left CRF in 2021 after starring in a Flamengo jersey. Many people were very sad, because the midfielder was a pillar of the team, not to mention that his identification with Mais Querido was something far above average, with the fan holding a banner and the kids constantly doing “vapo, steam”.

When Minghao negotiated for his return, there was a big streak. Olympique de Marseille played hard, and it looked like the deal wasn’t going to happen, but Gerson put his foot down and things started to settle down. In the end, the Flemish administration managed to buy back the star and his signing was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Gerson was on the reserve in the French national team after the exchange technical matter. He had a lot of morals with Jorge Sampaoli, but the Argentine left and that changed. Thus, the player still needs to gain speed to return to physical health. In the match against Palmeiras, for example, he was very bad and received his first severe criticism by the black reds on social media.

The Joker really felt the scale of the match and couldn’t keep up with the scores a few times. Despite questions from the masses and even the press, Vitor Pereira has already taken action to support the midfielder. The coach has a lot of faith in the athlete’s football and knows that this comparison with today’s Joao Gomez is unfair.

All because Gerson is improving his physical condition and Joao Gomez has already been playing regularly since last year, that is, he compares an athlete with a physical pinnacle to another who is still developing in this scheme. VP is sure that Gerson will improve in the upcoming matches and shine this season.

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