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There will be 130 service sites

There will be 130 service sites

Posted 4/1/2023 9:55 PM / Updated 4/1/2023 10:22 PM

Flu vaccination at UBS: protecting the little ones – (Credit: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

As a result of the increase in cases of respiratory diseases among children, the Government of the Federal District (GDF) has chosen to anticipate the vaccination campaign. The target is for children between the ages of six months and up to 5 years, 11 months, and 29 days. The vaccine prevents influenza, the virus that causes influenza. Starting next Monday (3/4), 130 Primary Health Units (UBSs) will provide preventive care. paying off Here is a full list of places with availability of vaccines.


During this Saturday (1/4), after a day of initiatives with nurseries, there was vaccination in health units as well as in public places. The need for protection attracted many families from Guara, as the Ministry of Health’s strategy expanded the scope of care in the Ezechias Heringer Ecological Park. The goal of spreading the importance of the vaccine in the daily life of the population, with daily actions, was highlighted by the Minister of Health, Lucelyn Florencio. Outdoors, 266 children were vaccinated in Guara Park, as part of a measure to expand vaccination coverage. Similar initiatives will be introduced in the coming weeks.

On April 10th, the vaccination campaign for other groups will start. The new group will include elderly people over 60 years old, pregnant women, postpartum women, public and private school teachers, health workers and public road transport. Truck drivers, port workers, security and rescue forces, armed forces professionals, prison system employees, adolescents and youth between the ages of 12 and 21 under social and educational measures, populations deprived of liberty, people with chronic non-communicable diseases even groups in special clinics, as well as people with permanent disabilities Indigenous peoples will also benefit.

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*With information from the GDF Health Department

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