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There are Deborah, Ingrid, Russian, and Finney in the countryside.  Poll · TV news

There are Deborah, Ingrid, Russian, and Finney in the countryside. Poll · TV news

Deborah Albuquerque, Ingrid O’Hara, Russian Pinheiro and Vinicius Patel took second place farm 14. The Rocheros were determined on Tuesday night (27). Who would you like to stay in the reality show on Record? Vote in the poll the news at the end of this text.

The winner of the fire trial, Deolane Bezerra is summoned by Adriane Galisteu to reveal the powers of the lantern. She had to choose between the red and yellow scrolls and she chose the first. After that, she handed over the second to Petala Bareiros.

Subsequently, Cheyenne Hegbin submitted his nomination as Farmer of the Week. The wedding of the former blind man, Vinicius Patel, targeted and justified the choice.

“He sowed the seed of discord against me. He said I wanted to be a female heroine. I wanted to do kindness to women. Also speaking of women’s clothing, I think this is very wrong. Moments it was fake,” referring to an earlier MTV attack on Deborah’s clothing.

Vini’s reaction: “I think Shay is a sadistic masochist, likes to be told to take it ass. On the matter of clothes, I expressed myself poorly. I knew the enormous personal challenge I was going to face here.”

Then Galisto began voting from headquarters. Deborah was the most attacked during the night and got 10 votes.

Before ending the formation of Roca, presenter Deolane ordered to open the red force. “Convert all the votes obtained by a pawn to another, you can turn your votes, if you like,” declared the lawyer who received four votes from Pia Miranda and passed them on to Deborah.

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With Deolane’s selection, the former powerhouse pair finished off the dynamic force with 14 votes.

Then Petal revealed the strength of the yellow fascia. “Choose someone from the bay. She will be fortified by the time the third cultivator is chosen,” read the influencer, who had immunized Rosian Pinheiro.

Next, Deborah had to pull someone from the booth to take the third seat in the hot seat and chose Ingrid. The former MTV complained: “You’re fake. I’ve done so many things for you.”

Roseanne, on the other hand, was not so lucky due to the remaining game dynamics and won last place in the second Roca of the season. She had to veto someone from the Farmers Trial on Wednesday (28) and get Deborah out of the headquarter hat dispute.


Who should stay at A Fazenda 14 in Rocca II?

Who voted for whom?

See below who voted for whom in the Roca formation:

  • Andre Marinho voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Kerlin Cardoso voted for Pia Miranda
  • Thiago Ramos voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Barbara Burgess voted for Petala Barreros
  • Deborah Albuquerque voted for Dylan Bezerra
  • Vinicius Patel voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Deolane Bezerra voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Ruivinha de Marte voted for Petala Barreros
  • Tomas Costa voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Alex Gallet voted for Thiago Ramos
  • Lucas Santos voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Iran Malfitano voted for Pia Miranda
  • Strawberry Shortcake voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Roseanne Pinheiro voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Pia Miranda voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Pele Melfloz voted for Pia Miranda
  • Petala Barreros voted for Deborah Albuquerque
  • Tate Zaki voted for Pia Miranda
  • Ingrid O’Hara voted for Tomas Costa
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