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Therapy dogs help relatives of Miami victims' cozy buildings |  Scientist

Therapy dogs help relatives of Miami victims’ cozy buildings | Scientist

Tal is 7 years old, a 58 lb ram, and Molly is 1 year old Walker Konhound. Both were trained in therapy with the Boricuas de Corazon relief team.

As relatives of the missing await news of the location of the Miami building that collapsed three days ago, Puricoas de Corazon hopes the dogs will help victims and community members process their feelings.

“We work with different families who are referred to us in the community center. One of the reasons is that they have panic attacks or anxiety problems and we have been able to let them work with the dogs, touch the dog, and get their feelings out. So we are working,” said Linda Perez, head of the group. With them on words, dogs work with them on emotions.”

I explained how the treatment is done.

“They can touch the dog, they can feel the dog, and they can make eye contact. It’s so cool. Animals absorb everything they feel at the same time and that can be very relaxing for them,” he said.

Perez said his organization is cooperating with other groups that train therapy dogs and that they are willing to stay with victims for a long time as news starts to arrive.

With a bilingual team, the team works in both Spanish and English – reflecting the Miami area, which includes the Jewish diaspora and Latin America.

More than 150 people are still missing Three days after the breakdown, the teams found no trace of life.

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