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The world’s first boy to give birth to a boy with three penises

The Kurdish little boy was taken to the hospital by his parents at the age of three months, when doctors discovered the disorder, which had never been seen before.

A little Kurdish boy was born in Iraq with three penises, with which he made history, because this is the first case like this – Author a International Press, In the International Journal of Surgical Case Reports Appeared Specifies the report.

The unborn boy was three months old when his parents in Tagore took him to the hospital for inflammation of the scrotum. On examination the doctors noticed two small skin growths which were found to be extra penile: one two centimeters and the other one centimeter.

Both were removed by two small penis doctors after being diagnosed with no urethra. A follow-up test performed one year later found that the procedure did not cause any problems. Doctors have not been able to determine the cause of the disorder.

According to reports, double penis is already very rare. The first such case was recorded in the early 1600s, and only a hundred such cases are known.

One of these was in 2014 DoubleDickDude He became known in his youth as a man who thought a lot about removing someone, but since then has given up on that idea and will no longer remove his jewelry for any money.

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