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The world's fastest electric plane makes its first flight

The world’s fastest electric plane makes its first flight

Rolls-Royce announced that its 100% electric plane, considered the world’s fastest in this model, made its maiden flight on Wednesday (15th). The plane, dubbed Spirit of Innovation, completed a 15-minute flight. The initial prediction was that The first flight was carried out by the end of June. The company did not explain the schedule change.

The plane took off from the runway at Boscombe Down, where the British Ministry of Defense’s military aircraft tests are being conducted. The aircraft is expected to reach a speed of 480 km/h, breaking the speed record.

Warren East, Rolls-Royce CEO, said the Spirit of Innovation’s maiden flight was “a great achievement for the team.” “We are focused on producing the technological advances society needs to decarbonize air, land and sea transportation,” he said.

A video released by Rolls-Royce shows what the plane’s first flight was like:

The spirit of innovation is flying in the sky from Rolls-Royce employment vimeo.

The plane can accommodate one passenger only. All aircraft batteries, engines and generators operate sustainably. The speed of the aircraft is 20% less than the average speed of conventional aircraft.

The two-hour flight journey, for example, will be completed in about another 24 minutes. The payoff will come in the form of sustainability as they can be recharged with solar energy or wind turbines.

The aircraft is part of a project known as ACCEL (Accelerated Flight Electrification or Accelerated Flight Electrification, in free translation). In addition to Rolls-Royce, electric motor and control unit manufacturer Yasa and aviation company Electroflight are part of the team. Funds to put the plan into action come from the Space Technology Institute (ATI) and the UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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