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The World Health Organization calls for isolation even with vaccines against the effective variants – health

Copenhagen – Regional Office for World Health Organization (Who is theFor Europe on Thursday, February 20 it is still necessary to be careful with non-essential international travel, even if vaccines against Covid-19 Effective against “all variants” of the Coronavirus. For the World Health Organization, the persistence of the disease and the high potential for transmission of the virus are warning points.

“Vaccines may be the light at the end of the tunnel, but this light cannot blind us,” said the WHO Regional Director for Europe, Hans-Henri Kluge, at a press conference on the evolution of the epidemic.

Kluge recommended avoiding travel and was skeptical about the possibility of obtaining immunization passports – which release people who have already been vaccinated – despite realizing that tourism is a form of vital income for some areas.

WHO’s emergency chief at EuropeCatherine Smallwood has advocated maintaining travel requirements, such as testing and quarantine, in certain situations. For Smallwood, “extreme caution” is still necessary, especially at a time of “high transmission” such as is currently taking place, despite the regional decline in the infection rate.

The World Health Organization is closely monitoring the development of the four most important variables identified in Europe that it classifies as “concerns”. The predominant strain in the region is the one that was first identified in the United Kingdom, but the Indian strain was already registered in 26 out of 53 countries that make up the European region of the World Health Organization, according to the organization, the type of India has spread mainly due to international travel, despite the discovery Community transmission, too./ EFE

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