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The worker will get salary bonuses of up to R$2,420 as of January

The worker will get salary bonuses of up to R$2,420 as of January

The PIS/Pasep Salary Bonus which was to be paid as of July of this year has been moved to next year. The amount to be paid will refer to the base year 2020.

In order to obtain the necessary resources to finance the Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance (BEm) programme, the Government has decided to defer the payment of the salary premium. Workers who performed activities with a formal contract in 2020 for a period of 30 days or 12 months will receive the benefit from January next year.

The change also ended with deferring payment for the base year 2021, which was also for next year. In this way, those who worked in these two years will be able to get double the amount.

Although the rule does not apply to everyone, this is because you are entitled to double the amount, it is necessary that you worked in 2020 and 2021. Those who, for example, only worked in 2021, will not get double the amount.

Remember that the benefit is paid according to the time worked, that is, those who worked for 12 months are entitled to the minimum wage, and those who worked only 30 days with an official contract will receive 1/12 of the salary. Double the amount will be paid to those who worked for 12 months in 2020 and 2021.

Assuming the value of the minimum wage is R$1,210, you can calculate R$1,210 for 12 (12 months) and multiply it by the number of months you worked in each base year.

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The government has not yet released the payment schedule for salary credit for the next year. But everything indicates that from 2022, payments will be issued to all workers in the same year that payments will begin, starting in January and ending in December.

Thus, those born in January will receive in January, those born in February will receive in February, those born in March will receive in March and so on.