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The worker will be able to withdraw the FGTS in 2022. See the calendar

The worker will be able to withdraw the FGTS in 2022. See the calendar

The worker who joined the withdrawal birthday will be able to withdraw money from this month. Caixa Econômica Federal has already started making the transfers.

Workers born in January can already withdraw the amount. Withdrawal can take place until March 31 of this year. This is because there is a 90 day period for a person to withdraw funds.

Birthday Withdrawal is a form of FGTS (Guarantee Time of Service Fund) that allows a worker to withdraw from the balance of FGTS accounts each year, in the month of his/her birthday.

But be aware, you will not be able to withdraw all the money at once. It is only possible to withdraw part of the balance available in the FGTS.

To access the Birthday Draw, you’ll need to access the FGTS app, the FGTS website, or Caixa Internet Banking. It is also possible to apply at the Caixa Econômica Federal branch.

The worker needs to know this when committing to a program birthday loot, it temporarily ceases its right to withdraw. The rule states that when you join a withdrawal birthday and suddenly lose your job, you will have to wait three years for the FGTS payments to be withdrawn. In this case, you are only entitled to a 40% fine to be evicted without a valid reason.

FGTS calendar 2022

birth month Pay period
Janeiro From January 3 to March 31
February February 1 and April 29
March March 2 to May 31
April April 1 to June 30
may be May 2 to July 29
June From June 1 to August 31
July July 1 to September 30
August August 1 to October 31
September September 1 to November 30
October From October 3 to December 30
November From November 1 to January 31, 2023
December From December 1 to February 28, 2023
Federal Savings Bank Source

Christmas loot values

The drawing is released on Christmas according to the available balance in the FGTS, every year it will be possible to withdraw a percentage. see table:

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Because there is an additional amount for those with a balance of at least BRL 500.01. The amount varies depending on the amount of money available in the balance. see table:

FGTS balance Withdrawal rate Additional plot
Up to 500 BRL 50% of the balance no extra
From R $ 500.01 40% of the balance 50 BRL
From 1,000.01 BRL to 5,000 BRL 30% of the balance 150 BRL
From 5000.01 Brazilian Real to 10 thousand Brazilian Real 20% of the balance 650 BRL
From 10000.01 Brazilian Real to 15 thousand Brazilian Real 15% of the balance 1.150 Brazilian Real
From 15.000.01 Brazilian Real to 20 thousand Brazilian Real 10% of the balance 1.9 thousand Brazilian Real
Above 20,000.01 BRL 5% of the balance 2.9 thousand Brazilian Real
Federal Savings Bank Source